World War I Project

2014 marks the centenary of the start of the First World War.  As a nation we are both fascinated and horrified by the scale of loss and the magnitude of the effect that this war had on the modern world. Memorials dedicated to the men and women who died hint at the effect on local communities but little more is proffered by their inscriptions.


In the 1970’s three veterans recorded on audio tape their recollections of their time in the trenches. With funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund , Legasee have created an educational project called, “Who Do You Think They Were”.  At times both horrific and humorous, it provides an outstanding testimony to the realities of war. But who were these men?

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Lesson Plans

Use a unique audio recording to engage your students.

We've acquired a fantastic audio recording of three WWI veterans who talk in detail about their experiences of fighting in France. Using this as a point of engagement we've created a series of 5 activity sessions with briefing notes, discussion points, and activities for use in the classroom. Click on the link to listen and learn. 

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    • Stanley George Little

      Stanley George Little
      Lance Corporal

    “..and everybody was completely hushed, no noise of any kind and they listened with a doctors stethoscope and they could hear the Germans also doing the tunnelling”

    • Bernard Crowley

      Bernard Crowley
      2nd Lieutenant

    “A man who saw action in both the First and Second World Wars. In 1914 he was sent to the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign but survived. In 1939 he was drafted again.”

    • Leslie W. H. Bowler

      Leslie W. H. Bowler
      Platoon Commander

    “Leslie Bowler received two military crosses. Click to read more about his incredible service.”