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We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans so that their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

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Jenny Bottomley

Jenny Bottomley is married to Daniel – a former Royal Marine Commando who served in Afghanistan. There he lost his foot and parts of his fingers after stepping on an IED. Now that Chris has beco...

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Sophie Sinnott

In 2010 Sophie Sinnott’s partner Luke was badly injured when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. Now married with children, Sophie shares the fears she had as Luke endured amputations and a medical

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Kate Boe

Kate Boe served in the Royal Air Force as a nurse, where she met her husband John – a military policeman. John was diagnosed with PTSD which ended his career in the military, and the treatments ...

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Joy Lofthouse

Joy Lofthouse flew Spitfires with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during WWII. This short film [edited from her whole interview] is thanks to the support of  the Royal British Legion. Without them

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Rodney Newnham

Rodney Newham lives in the RNBT’s Pembroke House in Gillingham. In the war he worked as a boiler maker in the Chatham dockyard. He describes in detail the work and dangers of work at the time.

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Ernest Edwards

Ernest Edwards gives an interesting account of his time in the Naffi. He served on HMS Orion a ship he has great memories of. He shared some nice photos too.

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Terrie Hemsley

Terrie Hemsley’s son Paul served with the Grenadier Guards.  A significant injury in Afghanistan followed by a serious medical mistake led to life changing injuries and Terrie’s battle to

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Chase Bridge School

A short film to celebrate the visit to Kneller Hall by the superbly well behaved pupils [and teachers] from Chase Bridge primary school.  Thanks very much to the volunteers and veterans [Len Tyler, R

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Luton School

A short film that captures the day when two Naval Veterans visited the Luton School in Chatham. It was a chance to share memories, ask questions and find out about the convoys of World War 2.

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Daphne Park

Daphne Park was a British Spy. She gives a great account of her life in the FANY where she was quickly promoted and helped to train Operation Jedburgh agents.

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Operation Freedom

A short film featuring the wonderful Brian Bird who was reunited with his beloved Spitfire. It might only be a model version of the real thing, but having not set eyes on one for many years, it was ti...

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Flixton Fieldtrip

This is a short film I shot that covers the day when pupils from Bungay High school met three surviving Veterans from the Berlin Airlift.

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Andree Dumon

Whether it was delivering false newspapers or concealing English soldiers, when the Germans invaded Belgium, Andrée Dumon put her life on the line. When you see her as a smiling young woman [in the g


Legasee is one of the first consolidated attempts to document the war-time experiences of men and women who have served their country.  While remembrance ceremonies and battle anniversaries are regularly reported on TV,  this coverage rarely focuses on veterans’ personal experiences for more than a few seconds and is of limited value as an educational tool or a record of individual achievement. Legasee aims to cover military life in much more depth by focusing on personal stories and viewpoints. If you think this work is important, please consider a donation. PLEASE DONATE NOW