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We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans so that their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

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J-L Cremieux

Jean-Louis Crémieux-Brilhac joined the Free French Forces in London and became liaison officer between the Free French, SOE and the BBC.

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Mildred Schutz

Mildred Schutz was in a reserved occupation when she joined the FANY in 1941. Initially she served as a civilian secretary at SOE HQ on Baker Street.

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Margaret Jackson

Margaret Jackson was PA to SOE's Director of Operations, Major-General Sir Colin Gubbins.

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Donna Rowe-Green

Donna Rowe Green has been a horticulturist all her life and she knows the benefit of spending time outdoors. A visit to Scotland and a supporting husband are all that she needs to make a go of a new v...

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Shelley Cooper

Shelley Cooper is the mother of Kingsman Anthony Cooper who also features in our archive and was recorded as part of Chorley Council’s project, “Sacrifice: Stories of Bravery & Resilie...

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Pegeen Hill

Pageen Hill had a remarkable young life working in the Red Cross. She travelled to some seriously inhospitable places

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Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy’s husband John’s health has deteriorated since he was injured in Afghanistan. An accident led to degenerative disease in the spine, and his mental health has been affected by his

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Linda Rudkin

It was lovely to meet Linda and Colin who live in a lovely part of the country [I'm biased]. As if their situation wasn't difficult enough already, now the Government's legacy enquiries are adding unw...

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Shelley Robertson

Shelley Robertson’s partner Tom served with the Royal Fusiliers and the Territorial Army. When Tom was diagnosed with PTSD Shelley felt that she was part of the problem, but a chance meeting wit...

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Jenni Worthington

Jenni’s Partner Dan served in the army as a Royal Engineer in Bosnia and Iraq before working in Afghanistan in a civilian role. He would later be diagnosed with complex PTSD and struggle to access t

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Lorna Hunter

Lorna Hunter is married to Thomas who served with the regular and Territorial Armies. Suffering with PTSD led to a huge strain on their marriage, unemployment and a break-up. But neither of them could...

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Exhibition film

This is a collection of snippets from 30 interviews we collected from the Band of Sisters. Their stories covered a wide range of experiences including loss of limbs; head, torso and internal injuries;...

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Julie White

Supporting a veteran whose service career affects their quality of life can be hard work. Julie White and her husband Melvin live with the consequences of his 25 years of service. Watch as Julie descr...

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Tracy Burgess

Tracy Burgess’ husband Alan served in both Gulf wars. He struggled with his mental health and worried about the drugs that the military had given to those deployed in the gulf. One day Alan woke...

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Dorothy Kelton

Dorothy Kelton’s daughter Anna transferred from the Royal Marines Band Service to become a logistician within the Royal Navy. An accident during training left her with physical injuries leading to a

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Kirsty Halfpenny

Kirsty Halfpenny’s husband Andy served with the Coldstream Guards. Although he had left the service before they met, the mental and physical scars have affected their marriage and their son. Watch a

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Shani Hall

Shani Hall’s husband Lee was in the Royal Military Police. Having been diagnosed with PTSD, and with their lives becoming increasingly difficult, investigations began into an accident during his...

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Zoe Meakin

Zoe’s partner Dallas served 17 and half years in the Military Police. He was often withdrawn after a tour but, would usually bounce back. An accident in 2015 changed him and triggered PTSD. Watc...

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Ulrike Clarke

Ulrike Clarke lives with Alex who served in the Royal Logistics Corps and later joined the Professional Guard Service. He has been diagnosed with severe PTSD. Alex is now supported by Help for Heroes&...

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Louise Reynolds

Louise Reynolds’ husband Kristian served in Iraq where he was injured and also had to deal with significant injuries of his colleagues. Struggling with PTSD he eventually sought help and was dec...

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Kirsty Green

Kirsty Green has been with her partner Glen, a Royal Engineer, for 8 years. Glen had an accident whilst parachuting and damaged his spinal cord. Kirsty travels from her home in Stranraer to Catterick ...

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Joanne Jukes

Joanne is petitioning for a National Memorial for Armed Forces Personnel who die as a result of their service. She says, "Currently, only in-service deaths are automatically recorded on the Armed Forc...

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Heather Lake

Heather Lake’s husband served with the Royal Logistics Corps as a chef. He was diagnosed with PTSD after two tours of Northern Ireland and one in Bosnia where a he sustained physical injuries too. H

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Fiona Hossell

At the age of 24, Fiona Hossell’s son Glen was a Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers and training with the Rhine Army Parachute Association. A gust of wind caught him during a jump and blew hi...

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Sandra Bremner

Sandra Bremner comes from Ballyclare a small town in County Antrim, where she met her husband Sammy. Having served army in the 1970’s and then in the prison service, he struggles with depression...

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Lisa Kirkpatrick

Lisa Kirkpatrick’s husband Gary had an accident on an army training exercise. Engaged at the time and with a new baby, Lisa struggled to cope and Gary’s mental health was suffering. Watch as L

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Teri Turner

Teri and her husband live in Devon and I was lucky to meet her. I'm glad I did. She's a great character and she defined PTSD so succinctly. She supplied some photos which are worth a look if you have ...

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Michele Apter

Michele’s family tree shows military men from both world wars, so it was no surprise when two of her sons joined the military. Tours of Iraq, and physical and mental injuries has meant that Mich...


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