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We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans so that their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

Army 7 videos

Colin Parker

Colin used to love watching the trooping of the colour but coming from Hull had assumed a life on the docks was his lot. That all changed when he went into the army. He found a regiment he loved but i...

Army 6 videos

Sidney Mitchell

"Sidney was one of the first veterans we ever interviewed. His memories of the Battle of Crete shocked me at the time."

Army 6 videos

Rex Sheppard

I went to Korea a boy and came back a man". Watch Rex talk about his experiences in some of the worst fighting conditions since the Great War.

Army 6 videos

Bryan ‘Tab’ Hunter

"Tab" was conscripted into the Paras in 1956. He talks engrossingly about the training and some of the scrapes he was involved in

Army 3 videos

George Bayliss

A lovely old gentleman who survived [by the skin of his teeth] his time in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire regiments in Italy during WWII

Army 5 videos

Alan Tizzard

As a boy Alan was mad about motor cars. Little could he imagine that at 18 he would be commanding a 32,000 horsepower tank on the Russian borders

Army 5 videos

Douglas Hassall

Another Chelsea pensioner and a very different experience of the war to George Bayliss. We pick up the story en route to Singapore.

Army 6 videos

Ian Hammerton

A very interesting interview highlighting some of the difficult tasks Allied troops faced on the D Day landings. Ian was the commander of a squadron

Army 4 videos

Howard Tomlinson

Howard joined the army to get away from a difficult family life when he was just 17. It was a huge change of life and just what he needed.

Army 6 videos

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart became better known as 'Bosnia Bob' when he found himself as the military's media man informing the world about Balkan Politics.

Army 6 videos

Kriss Akabusi

Fascinating interview with a British Olympic athlete who reached the pinnacle of his sport through the support of the British Army.

Army 6 videos

Gen Sir Mike Jackson

General Sir Mike gives an overview of his 45 year military career and what a career!

Army 5 videos

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith gives an emotional account of his military experiences during WWII starting with memories of the Blitz.

Army 8 videos

Rusty Firmin

This is the first of 8 films about Rusty. It's the start of a career that will lead him to a 13 year stint in B Squadron of the 22nd SAS

Army 14 videos

Joe Hoadley

Joe gives an amazingly detailed account of his life in the srevices. Starting with stories about life in the Home Guard in Kent, trying to join up

Army 7 videos

Don McArthur

Don McArthur was one of the 9th Airborne Para's who dropped into Normandy to take the Merville Battery out of action on D-Day. But things didn't go...

Army 6 videos

Terry Carroll

When Terry opted to join the Dragoons over the RAF and the Navy he hadn't expected to find himself in Flail Tank creating a safe path off Juno beach.

Army 5 videos

John Howard

John Howard gives a great account of his time in Korea as a National Service conscript. This is after he's spent 5 years fighting throughout WWII.

Army 11 videos

Geoffrey Steer

Geoff joined the army because he wanted to avoid the coalmines at all costs. Fate played him a cruel card.

Army 9 videos

Ronald Arnold

Ron Arnold was a dispatch rider during WWII. Prior to DDay he recalls riding around the eerily quiet towns of England's South Coast.

Army 8 videos

George Barnes

George Barnes had spent his child hood playing around on the harbours and beaches of his native Cornwall. In 1950 he was conscripted and sent to Korea

Army 16 videos

John Bowler

John Bowler was awarded a Military Cross for his bravery in Korea. In his interview [1hr 53] he recounts his experiences in graphic detail.

Army 7 videos

Colin Cottle

On the Berlin Airlift Colin Cottle was part of Air Formation Signals who were a branch of the army that supported the airforce

Army 7 videos

Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell was a 19 year old Load Master on the Berlin Airlift. He served with the 1st Battalion the Black Watch.

Army 9 videos

Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson was an Intelligence Officer with the Gordon Highlanders and was in the Battle of Kohima.

Army 9 videos

Brian Hough

Brian Hough was a National Serviceman who fought in Korea with the Kings Regiment. He gives an outstanding account of his life in the line.

Army 11 videos

Charles Eagles

Charles Eagles was in 'S' Company of the 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry and landed at Gold Beach. His specialism was mine clearance,

Army 11 videos

Jack Charlton

Jack Charlton gives a great account of his time in the Malayan jungle. No sooner has he arrived when he's on the ultimate, bush tucker trial.

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Legasee is one of the first consolidated attempts to document the war-time experiences of men and women who have served their country.  While remembrance ceremonies and battle anniversaries are regularly reported on TV,  this coverage rarely focuses on veterans’ personal experiences for more than a few seconds and is of limited value as an educational tool or a record of individual achievement. Legasee aims to cover military life in much more depth by focusing on personal stories and viewpoints. If you think this work is important, please consider a donation. PLEASE DONATE NOW