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We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans so that their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

Airforce 17 videos

Leonard Ratcliff

Wing Commander Leonard Ratcliffe flew 60+ missions with RAF 161 ‘special duties’ Squadron. He drop or land SOE and SIS agents while also bringing out resistants and evaders.

Airforce 3 videos

Bernard Parke

Bernard offers an amusing and insightful take on conscription in the fifties. He secured himself a place in the RAF in air craft movements

Airforce 6 videos

Len Manning

On his 3rd mission, Len was shot down over France on their way to the target. Coned by searchlights, the pilot put the Lancaster into a dive

Airforce 6 videos

Frances McLaren

Frances has an amazing story to share. She worked for the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment which famously developed the bouncing bomb

Airforce 4 videos

Betty Hutton

Betty was just 18 when she joined the WAAF. When she leaves 5 years later, she receives a mention in the Kings despatches.

Airforce 8 videos

John Edward Lee

John Lee watched the Battle of Britain from the ground and knew he wanted to join the RAF. He becomes a Navigator of a Lancaster bomber in 76 Squadron

Airforce 6 videos

Geoffrey Abbott

Geoff was RAF ground crew during the Second World War and worked on Spitfires in North Africa.

Airforce 7 videos

Tony Pickering

Tony was a pilot in 501 Squadron. He was 19 when he flew his first sortie in the Battle of Britain and this was after just a few practice flights.

Airforce 9 videos

Tom Neil

Tom was just 19 when he piloted his Hurricane in the Battle of Britain. He then went onto Malta where conditions were far worse for him.

Airforce 5 videos

Adre Jeziorski

Although aware of the seriousness of the situation unfolding around him. Adre remembers his escape from Poland as an adventure.

Airforce 7 videos

Stamper Metcalf

Stamper signs up for Bomber Command.

Airforce 3 videos

Bob Foster

A conversation with Bob Foster - Battle of Britain fighter pilot.

Airforce 3 videos

Ken Wilkinson

Battle of Britain Pilot shares memories of life in the RAF.

Airforce 3 videos

Geoffrey Wellum

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC was a British Battle of Britain fighter pilot who was 18 when he signed up on a short-service commission with the RAF in August 1939. He saw extensive action during...

Airforce 4 videos

William Walker

William Walker was the oldest surviving veteran of the Battle of Britain.

Airforce 6 videos

Paul Farnes

Paul Farnes is one of the surviving pilots from the Battle of Britain. He was awarded 8 kills and a DFM.

Airforce 8 videos

Terence Kane

Terence Kane gives an amazing account of his short Fighter career in the RAF. Short because he was on shot down over the English Channel

Airforce 7 videos

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson was a wonderful man who supported Legasee for several years until his passing. He had me in stitches when he told me about his CO's sleeping arrangements.

Airforce 5 videos

Gordon Jones

Gordon flew in Bomber Command. He was one of the lucky ones.

Airforce 10 videos

Dr Joyce Hargrave-Wright

Joyce was a naive 20 year old when she was sent to Bad Eilsen in Germany to work at the Berlin Air Traffic Control centre.

Airforce 7 videos

Ed Meddings

Ed Meddings saw action in WWII and then flew on the Berlin Airlift. A modest man he gives a detailed account of his experiences as a pilot

Airforce 6 videos

John Curtiss

Like many men on the Berlin Airlift, Sir John Curtiss had bombed Germany during WWII.  Sir John passed away on the 14th September, 2013.

Airforce 7 videos

Tom Holland

Tom Holland gives an outstanding account of his life as a pilot in the RAF. He has a long and varied career but it’s his stint on the Berlin Airlift flying the Short Sunderland flying boat that ...

Airforce 5 videos

Sid and Jim

Sid Parsonage and Jim Weston first met each other on the Berlin Airlift in 1948. 65 years later they reminisce about their experiences.

Airforce 5 videos

Alec Chambers

Alec Chambers gives an interesting account of life as a Flight Refueller on the Berlin Airlift.

Airforce 5 videos

Dan Hall

On the Berlin Airlift, Dan Hall worked on GCA, a Ground Control Approach radar system.

Airforce 7 videos

Dick Arscott

Group Captain Dick Arscott gives a detailed and lucid account of his memoirs as a pilot with 48 squadron on the Berlin Airlift.

Airforce 6 videos

Gordon Westwell

Gordon Westwell an Aircraft Engineer on the Berlin Airlift recalls the only fatal crash at Wunstorf which, effected the way he did his job afterwards

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Legasee is one of the first consolidated attempts to document the war-time experiences of men and women who have served their country.  While remembrance ceremonies and battle anniversaries are regularly reported on TV,  this coverage rarely focuses on veterans’ personal experiences for more than a few seconds and is of limited value as an educational tool or a record of individual achievement. Legasee aims to cover military life in much more depth by focusing on personal stories and viewpoints. If you think this work is important, please consider a donation. PLEASE DONATE NOW