• Navy 7 videos

    Jim Dimond

    Jim Dimond joined the Royal Navy in 1942. He had an eventful career which included a torpedo sinking, a stint onboard a...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Joan Field

    Joan Field was a WREN stationed at a very remote signal station overlooking the Firth of Lorne in Scotland. Her job was...

  • Navy 11 videos

    James Pitts

    James Pitts provides a fascinating and detailed account of his life as an Fleet Air Arm Air Gunner with 856 Squadron. He...

  • Navy 5 videos

    John Woodward

    John Woodward worked on a Minesweeper during WWII. Operating out of the Thames estuary his skipper was a wily fellow who used...

  • Airforce 5 videos

    Michael Wainwright

    Michael Wainwright is one of the Battle of Britain fighter pilots we filmed with the help of the Roger De Haan trust...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Patrick Hollins

    Coastal Command was originally formed to protect convoys and Allied supply ships from attack from the enemy.

  • Army 9 videos

    George Batts

    George Batts talks candidly about his life as a Corporal with the Royal Engineers. By his own admission he was daft to...

  • Navy 10 videos

    Jack Thomas

    Jack Thomas provides a brilliant account of his service as a Fleet Air Arm pilot with 836 Squadron. He survived numerous crashes...

  • Army 8 videos

    Jean Argles

    Jean Argles worked as a Cipher Operator in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY). In this fascinating and detailed interview she reflects...

  • Navy 9 videos

    Alec ‘Ernest’ Kellaway

    Alec Kellaway began his career in the Royal Navy aboard the ill-fated HMS Hood. He is one of the few veterans we've...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Patricia Davies

    Patricia Davies  trained as a Special Duties Linguist and was posted to the secret 'Y' naval radio listening stations around the coast...

  • Army 8 videos

    Walter Soper

    Walter Soper provides a great interview, full of wit and honesty about his service with numerous Regiments during the second World War.

  • Airforce 12 videos

    Doreen Galvin

    Doreen Galvin lives in Canada but returned to England briefly in 2015. During the war she worked at RAF Tempsford from June...

  • Navy 6 videos

    George Payne

    George Payne provides an interesting account of his time as an Aircraft handler onboard the converted banana boat, the Attacker-class escort aircraft...

  • Navy 5 videos

    Antoinette Porter

    Antoinette Porter was just 17 when she tried to enlist. Keen on adventure, little could she have imagined that she would end...

  • Army 13 videos

    Kenneth Hay

    Captured by the Germans and forced to march for miles in terrible conditions, Kenneth Hay has still retained his sense of humour.

  • Navy 7 videos

    Doug Shelley

    Doug is a proud Chatham Rating who experiences the best and worst of the Port division. Drafted to the M-Class destroyer HMS...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    John Eddy

    John Eddy was an RAF Pilot on the Berlin Airlift. On one flight into Lubeck he misjudges his approach and clips the...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Gordon Dixon

    Gordon Dixon provides a fascinating account of his National Service on the Berlin Airlift. As an 18 year old he was posted...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Sam Pover

    Sam Pover was a civilian Navigator on the Berlin Airlift. He'd already seen similar action during the partition of the British Indian...

  • Civilian 6 videos

    Muriel Joy

    Muriel Joy was one of a number of Naval Veterans we interviewed at the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust’s, Pembroke House. She provides...

  • Army 10 videos

    John Clarke

    John Clarke gives a brutal and compelling account of his experiences as an infantryman with The Black Watch during the Second World...

  • Civilian 5 videos

    Joan Mitchell

    Joan Mitchell was interviewed when Legasee visited the RNBT’s Pembroke House in Gillingham. She provides a fascinating interview about her life as...

  • Airforce 6 videos

    John Curtiss

    Like many men on the Berlin Airlift, Sir John Curtiss had bombed Germany during WWII. In 1948 he found himself in close...

  • Airforce 5 videos

    Gordon Jones

    Gordon Jones flew in Bomber Command and confesses to being lucky. Very lucky. In his interview he talks in detail about the...

  • Army 8 videos

    George Barnes

    George Barnes had spent his child hood playing around on the harbours and beaches of his native Cornwall. In 1950 he was...

  • Navy 8 videos

    Buster Brown

    Going against his father's wishes, Buster joins the Navy. He confesses to being terrified at the possibility of going down the mines...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Harry Eddy

    Harry spent his time in the Navy aboard a Tank landing craft. He was one of the first onto Sword beach and...

  • Navy 8 videos

    Alec Penstone

    This is the first of 8 films about Alec Penstone's incredible life as a WWII submarine detector.

  • Airforce 6 videos

    Geoffrey Abbott

    Geoff was RAF ground crew during the Second World War and worked on Spitfires in North Africa. A great character with some...

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