• Airforce 0 videos

    Fred Glover

    Fred Glover provides a brilliant and at times emotional account of his service with the 9th Parachute Battalion.

  • Army 12 videos

    Tom Howard

    A truly remarkable individual who provides a genuinely fascinating interview for any military enthusiast. He also shares some interesting photos of the...

  • Civilian 5 videos

    Teri Turner

    Teri Turner is married to Mark who served in the Army in Bosnia. His experiences led to PTSD, and he suffered 5...

  • Civilian 7 videos

    Shani Hall

    Shani Hall’s husband Lee was in the Royal Military Police. Having been diagnosed with PTSD, and with their lives becoming increasingly difficult,...

  • Army 6 videos

    Maisie Lee

    Maisie Lee was a trumpet player in the band of the Parachute Regiment. She had a stint in Iraq and was present...

  • Army 12 videos

    Stuart Watts

    Stuart Watts, who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, details how his career as an army musician started as a boy bandsman and...

  • Army 8 videos

    John Sleep

    John Sleep gives an emotional account of his Second World War service. He served with the Royal Berkshires, the Parachute Regiment and...

  • Army 3 videos

    Cyril Tasker

    Cyril Tasker served with 716 Company Airborne light, workshop Platoon. They operated as a support unit for the 6th Airborne Division.

  • Army 1 videos

    Geoff Pattinson

    Geoff was a paratrooper; and his first attempt at getting to Normandy in a glider was over quite quickly. Unfortunately, once he...

  • Army 9 videos

    Kevin Roberts

    Kevin Roberts is a Lieutenant Colonel and the Principal Director of Music for the Army. With a passion for the trombone from...

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