• Army 7 videos

    Steve Sheeran

    Steve remembers his first parade fondly…

  • Civilian 14 videos

    Daphne Park

     Daphne Margaret Sybil Désirée Park, Baroness Park of Monmouth  joined the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) in 1943.  During the selection process...

  • Army 6 videos

    Leslie Fernandez

    Leslie Fernandez was a fit man when he was young. He loved sports and was good at them. Exactly the sort of...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Tony Iveson

    Tony Iveson gives a truly amazing account of his distinguished career in the RAF. He was one of the few pilots to...

  • Airforce 11 videos

    Fred Danckwardt

    During World War II, Fred Danckwardt survived 45 Operations with Bomber Command. He then returned to help on the Berlin Airlift. He...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Brian Bird

    One of the few surviving WWII pilots to have flown both the Hurricane and the Spitfire. Brian has all his faculties and...

  • Army 6 videos

    Edward Redmond

    Paddy Redmond gives a frank account of his time in Korea with the Middlesex Regiment. As a former Commando, he was happy...

  • Airforce 9 videos

    Stuart Holmes

    Stuart Holmes flew Sunderland Flying boats with 205 Squadron during the Korean war. He provides a lot of interesting detail about his...

  • Army 8 videos

    Albert Figg

    Albert Figg was well respected for his work in focusing attention to the devastating battle of Hill 112.  He joined the This...

  • Army 8 videos

    Arthur Brown

    Sergeant Arthur Brown originally joined the Royal Artillery in 1943. He soon found that it wasn’t really exciting enough and when a...

  • Civilian 4 videos

    Moyra Smiley

    Moyra Smiley grew up in Kenya and was educated in Europe. In these films she talks about her life in the FANY...

  • Army 1 videos

    Ken Watson

    Ken Watson’s wife talks about her late husband. 

  • Army 4 videos

    Jim Stephens

    Jim Stephens served in 56th Devonshire Regiment, 86th Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery.  He was a lucky soldier. 

  • Army 1 videos

    Bert Williams

    Bert Williams was one of 90 sergeants that Montgomery took to Germany. He served with the Royal Army Service Corp.

  • Army 3 videos

    Basil Chambers

    Basil Chambers was sent to Berlin, Germany with the Royal Norfolk Regiment. He’s in the country when the Russians blockade the city...

  • Army 9 videos

    Richard Donovan

    Richard Donovan gives an detailed account of his military service with the Royal Welch Regiment in the 1950’s. It starts with a...

  • Army 12 videos

    Freddie Hunn

    Freddie Hunn gives one of the best accounts of the Second World war that Legasee have been fortunate enough to record. In...

  • Airforce 6 videos

    Garry Garretts

    Squadron Leader Garry Garretts flew on the Berlin Airlift as part of a 30 year RAF career. Check his photos. He later...

  • Army 5 videos

    Steve Jackson

    Stephen Jackson gives an emotional account of his service with the Northumberland Fusiliers during the Aden Emergency.

  • Army 11 videos

    Charles Eagles

    Charles Eagles was in 'S' Company of the 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry and landed at Gold Beach. His specialism was mine...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Ed Meddings

    Ed Meddings saw action in WWII and then flew on the Berlin Airlift. A modest man he gives a detailed account of...

  • Airforce 5 videos

    Gordon Jones

    Gordon Jones flew in Bomber Command and confesses to being lucky. Very lucky. In his interview he talks in detail about the...

  • Airforce 6 videos

    Paul Farnes

    Paul Farnes is one of the surviving pilots from the Battle of Britain. He was awarded 8 kills and a DFM. We...

  • Airforce 4 videos

    William Walker

    William Walker was the oldest surviving veteran of the Battle of Britain. In March 2012 he gave an amazingly lucid and detailed...

  • Airforce 3 videos

    Ken Wilkinson

    Battle of Britain Pilot shares memories of life in the RAF.

  • Airforce 3 videos

    Bob Foster

    A conversation with Bob Foster - Battle of Britain fighter pilot.

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Tony Pickering

    Tony was a pilot in 501 Squadron. He was 19 when he flew his first sortie in the Battle of Britain and...

  • Army 6 videos

    Kriss Akabusi

    Fascinating interview with a British Olympic athlete who reached the pinnacle of his sport through the support of the British Army. 

  • Navy 6 videos

    Ted Hunt

    At 91 Ted amazed us all with his encyclopaedic memory of his time as 2nd in command of 15 Rhino LST landing...

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