• Navy 9 videos

    Mervyn Salter

    Mervyn Salter gives a great account of his life at sea on HMS Saumerz. Operating in both the Arctic and the Pacific...

  • Army 7 videos

    Leon Gautier

    Léon Gautier was one of the Commandos who served under Philippe Kieffer of the Free French Forces and he was one of...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Ron Smith

    Ron Smith was a Wireman on LCT 947. Despite being quite poorly when we met he provides a fascinating insight to his...

  • Army 1 videos

    Cliff Dalton

    Cliff Dalton served with the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC).  On D-Day he landed on Sword Beach and when his vehicle became stuck...

  • Navy 1 videos

    Cyril Simms

    Cyril Simms was a Royal Marine and during the Normandy Landings his LCG patrolled the Trout Line keeping an eye out for...

  • Army 15 videos

    Tom Renouf

    In the Second World War Tom Renouf served with the Black Watch. As a front line infantry man who was involved in...

  • Army 4 videos

    Percy Lewis

    Percy Lewis experienced so much during the war, from the cold of the Scottish shores to injury to capture by the Germans.

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