• Navy 14 videos

    Edward Wells

    Ted Wells provides a fascinating and detailed account of his lengthy spell at sea on numerous ships during the Second World War....

  • Civilian 8 videos

    Ernest Edwards

    Ernest Edwards gives an interesting account of his time in the NAFFI. He served on HMS Orion a ship he has great...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Fred Estall

    Fred Estall gives a good account of his life as a Gunner onboard a Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships [DEMS]. Unlike other navvy...

  • Navy 12 videos

    Cornelius Snelling

    Cornelius Snelling served on the Black Swan-class sloop HMS Wildgoose. The Wildgoose was one of several ships that took part in the...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Dick West

    Dick West gives a brilliant account of his life as an Engine Room Artificer on HMS Sheffield. One of the highlights is...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Alfred Fowler

    Alfred ‘Chick’ Fowler gives a very detailed account of his time spent as a Stoker on HMS Sheffield. 

  • Navy 11 videos

    John Roche

    John Roche served on HMS Renown throughout most of the war. He gives a fabulous account of himself and provides a fascinating...

  • Navy 9 videos

    Mervyn Salter

    Mervyn Salter gives a great account of his life at sea on HMS Saumerz. Operating in both the Arctic and the Pacific...

  • Navy 1 videos

    Ken Harman

    Ken Harman was a Number 3 on a 6 inch gun onboard HMS Alaunia.  On one occasion and fearing for his life,...

  • Navy 5 videos

    Ron Davies (1926)

    ROYAL NAVY WORKHORSE Ron Davies, 88, gives an account of his time as a Royal Navy able seaman on board HMS Southdown.

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