• Army 6 videos

    Roy Clarke

    To this day, as he gets ready to go to bed, Roy Clarke is thankful he is not sleeping under a tank.

  • Army 4 videos

    John Bower

    In the close quarters of his tank regiment, John felt an affinity with the other men as they faced enemy fire together.  

  • Army 5 videos

    Donald Turrell

    ‘I took the King’s shilling...If I could do it again I would’. Despite the painful injuries Don Turrell sustained, he has not...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Franck Allanson

    From the vantage point of his merchant ship, Franck witnessed the extraordinary invasion of Omaha beach during the Normandy landings.

  • Army 5 videos

    Fred Perkins

    The massive logistical operation of the war is sometimes forgotten. But Fred Perkins played a crucial role in helping keep the supplies...

  • Navy 3 videos

    Cyril Standiford

    As a gunner in the Navy, Cyril Standiford was part of Operation Neptune, and experienced a terrifying attack of his ship of...

  • Navy 5 videos

    Ron Davies (1926)

    ROYAL NAVY WORKHORSE Ron Davies, 88, gives an account of his time as a Royal Navy able seaman on board HMS Southdown.

  • Army 12 videos

    Frank Corbett

    THE LIONHEART TECHNICAL WIZARD Frank Corbett’s extensive war story is captured in 12 fascinating films in which the 93 year old highlights...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Bill Blount

    THE BUOYANT FIREPOWER EXPERT   In one of the toughest war roles, Royal Marine Bill Blount gives a compelling account of his...

  • Army 8 videos

    Jennifer Jones

    Jennifer Jones was a Captain in the 4th Regiment The Royal Artillery where she served in Germany, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Her time...

  • Airforce 13 videos

    Bob Brand

    Bob Brand had a remarkable career in aviation. Starting out in the RAF he finds himself on Sunderland Flying Boats and enjoys...

  • Airforce 6 videos

    Alan Hewett

    Alan Hewett was an Aircraft engineer based at RAF Luffenham. It was a hub of activity servicing planes for the Berlin Airlift.

  • Army 12 videos

    Freddie Hunn

    Freddie Hunn gives one of the best accounts of the Second World war that Legasee have been fortunate enough to record. In...

  • Airforce 13 videos

    Guy Eddy

    Having witnessed nuclear testing on Christmas Island it’s remarkable that at the age of 92 Guy Eddy was able to provide us...

  • Army 9 videos

    Fred Millward

    Fred Millward was in the famed 9th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment and took part in the Assault of the Merville Battery. It...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    John Collier

    In 1948 John Collier found himself driving lorries on an airbase in Germany called Wunstorf. It was one of the RAF bases...

  • Army 9 videos

    Eric Downing

    Eric Downing provides a rare and often times emotional insight into the role of a Gunner on a Flail tank during the...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Gerald White

    As Technical Adjutant at RAF Gatow, Gerald White gives a unique personal insight into life on the Berlin Airlift.

  • Airforce 6 videos

    Garry Garretts

    Squadron Leader Garry Garretts flew on the Berlin Airlift as part of a 30 year RAF career. Check his photos. He later...

  • Army 7 videos

    Jean Eastham

    Jean Eastham was lucky to survive the Birmingham Blitz. In this fascinating interview she recalls how she felt to be on the...

  • Airforce 6 videos

    David Edwards

    When the the Russians blockaded Berlin in 1948, one astute man calculated that supplies could be air-lifted in to the city. His...

  • Army 5 videos

    Steve Jackson

    Stephen Jackson gives an emotional account of his service with the Northumberland Fusiliers during the Aden Emergency.

  • Airforce 7 videos

    Sam Pover

    Sam Pover was a civilian Navigator on the Berlin Airlift. He'd already seen similar action during the partition of the British Indian...

  • Navy 6 videos

    Peter Hornett

    Peter gives an excellent account of his post-war Naval service onboard HMS Liverpool. He’s a natural storyteller and there’s stories aplenty to...

  • Civilian 6 videos

    Muriel Joy

    Muriel Joy was one of a number of Naval Veterans we interviewed at the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust’s, Pembroke House. She provides...

  • Army 10 videos

    John Clarke

    John Clarke gives a brutal and compelling account of his experiences as an infantryman with The Black Watch during the Second World...

  • Civilian 5 videos

    Joan Mitchell

    Joan Mitchell was interviewed when Legasee visited the RNBT’s Pembroke House in Gillingham. She provides a fascinating interview about her life as...

  • Airforce 3 videos

    Gwyn Hughes

    Gwyn Hughes was a Flight Engineer with 77 Squadron Bomber Command. After the war he found himself in transport command and ended...

  • Army 11 videos

    Charles Eagles

    Charles Eagles was in 'S' Company of the 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry and landed at Gold Beach. His specialism was mine...

  • Army 9 videos

    Brian Hough

    Brian Hough was a National Serviceman who fought in Korea with the Kings Regiment. He gives an outstanding account of his life...

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