• Navy 8 videos

    Stan Hoare

    Stan Hoare was one of a series of Veterans we interviewed when we visited the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust’s Care Home, Pembroke...

  • Navy 9 videos

    Alec ‘Ernest’ Kellaway

    Alec Kellaway began his career in the Royal Navy aboard the ill-fated HMS Hood. He is one of the few veterans we've...

  • Army 6 videos

    George Foggo

    George Foggo worked in Bomb Disposal for the Royal Engineers.  His expertise came in useful when he was required to help destroy...

  • Army 9 videos

    Eric Downing

    Eric Downing provides a rare and often times emotional insight into the role of a Gunner on a Flail tank during the...

  • Army 11 videos

    Charles Eagles

    Charles Eagles was in 'S' Company of the 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry and landed at Gold Beach. His specialism was mine...

  • Army 16 videos

    John Bowler

    John Bowler was a National Service 2nd Lieutenant with the 1st Battalion The Welch Regiment when he went to Korea. He gives...

  • Army 5 videos

    Gordon Smith

    Gordon Smith gives an emotional account of his military experiences during WWII starting with memories of the Blitz.

  • Navy 3 videos

    Robert Watts

    Robert was on Landing craft at D Day. One thing that still lives with him trying to rescue Canadian troops from drowning...

  • Army 6 videos

    Ian Hammerton

    A very interesting interview highlighting some of the difficult tasks Allied troops faced on the D Day landings.  Ian was the commander...

  • Army 3 videos

    George Bayliss

    A lovely old gentleman who survived [by the skin of his teeth] his time in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire regiments in Italy...

  • Army 7 videos

    Colin Parker

    Colin used to love watching the trooping of the colour but had assumed a life on the docks was his lot. That...

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