• Army 6 videos

    Bill Hurst

    Like most young men of his generation Bill Hurst joined the army as a National Serviceman.  Badged 1st Kings Liverpool Regiment he...

  • Navy 6 videos

    Marsie Taylor

    Marsie Taylor worked as a Wren Writer initially at Norfolk House in central London and then at Southwark in Portsmouth. Her work...

  • Army 7 videos

    Maurice Morby

    Maurice Morby was a Driver in the 28th Field Regiment, Stores troop, Royal Engineers. He drove the Leyland Hippo - at the...

  • Army 5 videos

    Peter Ford

    Peter Ford served in the armed forces as a Driver in the Royal Army Service Corp. He was fleet of foot and...

  • Army 6 videos

    Gerry Farmer

    Gerry Farmer provides a great interview detailing his time as a Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) in the Korean War. He...

  • Army 10 videos

    Doug Arthur

    Doug Arthur shares a fascinating and detailed account of his Second World service with the 106 Royal Horse Artillery, Lancashire Yeomanry. He...

  • Army 4 videos

    Bryan Rudland

    Bryan Rudland provides an interesting account of his life in Korea as an MT lorry driver. He might be off the frontline...

  • Civilian 5 videos

    Gill Lewis

    Despite coming from a Naval background, Gill was mad about cars and as soon as she was able she passed her test...

  • Army 5 videos

    Ken Dixon

    Ken Dixon joined the Kings Liverpool Regiment. In his interview he recalls his service in Korea as a Driver for senior American...

  • Army 1 videos

    Vic Mackenzie

    Viv Mackenzie was a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps [RASC] Hi job was to transport ammunition and keep in close...

  • Army 9 videos

    Allan Orpin

    Allan orpine provides a good account of his time with the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment. He dropped into Normandy and the...

  • Army 1 videos

    Ken Brasher

    Ken Brasher served with the Royal Army Service Corp, 3 GHQ Company.  Prior to his service in Italy, he recalls Dunkirk. 

  • Army 5 videos

    Michael Manny

    Manny Michael served with the Royal Army Service Corps. After D-Day he was posted to Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) and...

  • Army 4 videos

    Edward Fish

    Edward Fish joined the Royal Army Service Corp as a driver. On one convoy through Normandy he is very fortunate to survive...

  • Army 3 videos

    Bob Conway

    When he was seventeen Bob Conway joined the Royal Army Service Corps. During Operation Overlord he drove American Mack trucks and the...

  • Army 6 videos

    Peter Haughton

    ‘You were a fighting unit and you knew your job and you knew what you had to do’. Being part of a...

  • Army 3 videos

    Jimmy Reynolds

    As a tank driver Jim Reynolds is injured in an attack during D-Day which has a lasting repercussion. 

  • Army 10 videos

    John Duke

    As part of the Reconnaissance Corps, John was often ahead of the other units during the war. Fortunately he'd had plenty of...

  • Airforce 7 videos

    John Collier

    In 1948 John Collier found himself driving lorries on an airbase in Germany called Wunstorf. It was one of the RAF bases...

  • Army 8 videos

    George Barnes

    George Barnes had spent his child hood playing around on the harbours and beaches of his native Cornwall. In 1950 he was...

  • Army 14 videos

    Joe Hoadley

    Joe's gives an amazingly detailed account of his life in the srevices. Starting with stories about life in the Home Guard in...

  • Army 5 videos

    Gordon Smith

    Gordon Smith gives an emotional account of his military experiences during WWII starting with memories of the Blitz.

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