• Army 6 videos

    Bill Hurst

    Like most young men of his generation Bill Hurst joined the army as a National Serviceman.  Badged 1st Kings Liverpool Regiment he...

  • Army 4 videos

    John Lincoln

    John Lincoln was working in his father’s funeral parlour when he was called to do his national service.  His day job proved...

  • Army 4 videos

    Michael Fryer

    Michael specialised in bomb disposal whilst in the Royal Engineers. It could have been quite different but his name went against him…....

  • Army 6 videos

    Leslie Fernandez

    Leslie Fernandez was a fit man when he was young. He loved sports and was good at them. Exactly the sort of...

  • Army 12 videos

    George Reynolds

    George Reynolds was captured during the fall of Singapore and sent to work in the copper mines at Kinkaseki in Taiwan. In...

  • Army 9 videos

    George Batts

    George Batts talks candidly about his life as a Corporal with the Royal Engineers. By his own admission he was daft to...

  • Army 6 videos

    John Pritchard

    In Korea, John Pritchard was a craftsman with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers [REME]. He provides an interesting account of his...

  • Army 9 videos

    Neville Williams

    Neville Williams provides a detailed account of his time as an Assault Pioneer in The Welch Regiment.

  • Army 6 videos

    Edward Redmond

    Paddy Redmond gives a frank account of his time in Korea with the Middlesex Regiment. As a former Commando, he was happy...

  • Army 9 videos

    Alan Guy

    Alan Guy served with the Royal Army Medical Corps and his responsibility was to look after the general health of the soldiers....

  • Army 3 videos

    Bernard Clarke

    Bernard Clarke was a Corporal in the Royal Norfolk Regiment. As an Infantryman he took part in numerous foot patrols. It was...

  • Army 2 videos

    Geoff Grimley

    Geoff was a wireless and line operator with the Royal Corps of Signals. He provides an enthsiastic interview about his training and...

  • Army 6 videos

    John Boyd

    John Boyd provides a detailed and at times, humorous account of his service in Korea. 

  • Army 6 videos

    Mike Mogridge

    Mike Mogridge was an Infantryman with the with the Royal Fusiliers [London Regiment]. He provides a detailed and lucid account of his...

  • Army 7 videos

    Michael White

    Michael served in Korea with the 42 Field Regiment. Royal Artillery. He gives a good account of his time in service.   

  • Army 4 videos

    John Juby

    John Juby provides an emotional account of his time in Korea. He served with the Royal Norfolk regiment and was attached to the...

  • Army 7 videos

    Maurice Morby

    Maurice Morby was a Driver in the 28th Field Regiment, Stores troop, Royal Engineers. He drove the Leyland Hippo - at the...

  • Army 6 videos

    Keith Nutter

    The extremely modest Keith Nutter served in the Royal Norfolk Regiment in Korea. He was mentioned in dispatches for his bravery in...

  • Army 5 videos

    Peter Ford

    Peter Ford served in the armed forces as a Driver in the Royal Army Service Corp. He was fleet of foot and...

  • Army 8 videos

    Tony White

    Tony White provides a very interesting account of his time as a National Serviceman with theRoyal Ulster Rifles.  He arrived on the...

  • Army 6 videos

    Leonard Nicholls

    Leonard talks about his life in Korea. He served with the 14th Field Regiment Royal Artillery as a Signaller / Radio Op.

  • Army 4 videos

    Brian Hamblet

    Brian Hamblet served in the Gloucestershire Regiment in the Korean War. He had a remarkable view of the Battle of the Imjin...

  • Army 13 videos

    Tommy Clough

    Tommy Clough gives a fabulously detailed account of his time with the Glosters in Korea. 13 films in total so sit down...

  • Army 4 videos

    Richard Davey

    Richard Davey provides a detailed account of his time as a Gunner / Radio Op in Korea where for a while he...

  • Army 7 videos

    Edgar Green

    Edgard Green served with the Middlesex regiment in Korea. He was a Batman and although not on the frontline, he had the...

  • Army 6 videos

    Roy Painter

    Roy Painter provides a detailed account of his time as a National Serviceman in the Korean War. He was a Signalman.

  • Army 6 videos

    Gerry Farmer

    Gerry Farmer provides a great interview detailing his time as a Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) in the Korean War. He...

  • Army 13 videos

    Frank Gill

    Frank Gill provides a fascinating account of his Second World War service with the Royal Engineers, 580th Army Troop Company. He was...

  • Army 8 videos

    Michael Griffin

    Michael Griffin served in Korea as a Lance Corporal with the Royal Norfolk Regiment. He was based in the Samichon valley and...

  • Army 10 videos

    Doug Arthur

    Doug Arthur shares a fascinating and detailed account of his Second World service with the 106 Royal Horse Artillery, Lancashire Yeomanry. He...

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