• Navy 7 videos

    Dick West

    Dick West gives a brilliant account of his life as an Engine Room Artificer on HMS Sheffield. One of the highlights is...

  • Navy 10 videos

    Charles Chirgwin

    RMS Queen Elizabeth was one of the very first Merchant ships to be fitted with the then highly secretive RADAR [Queen Mary...

  • Navy 10 videos

    Albert Owing

    Albert Owing was a Merchant Seaman who sailed on many Atlantic convoys on RFA British Diligence, SS Fairwater and the Highland Brigade....

  • Navy 8 videos

    Bill Churchill

    Bill Churchill provides a detailed account of his life aboard the HMS Malcolm and HMS Ajax. The two ships provided him with...

  • Airforce 5 videos

    Michael Wainwright

    Michael Wainwright is one of the Battle of Britain fighter pilots we filmed with the help of the Roger De Haan trust...

  • Airforce 10 videos

    Jimmy Taylor

    Fantastic interview with Spitfire photo reconnaissance pilot who survives an engine failure over Holland.

  • Navy 10 videos

    Jack Thomas

    Jack Thomas provides a brilliant account of his service as a Fleet Air Arm pilot with 836 Squadron. He survived numerous crashes...

  • Airforce 6 videos

    Michel Bourbon-Parme 

    Prince Michel de Bourbon-Parme grew up in France and Denmark and at the outbreak of war, the family fled to the United...

  • Airforce 9 videos

    Tom Neil

    Tom was just 18 years old when he started flying Spitfires from his base at North Weald [his aircraft is still there]....

  • Navy 9 videos

    Peter Dunstan

    This is the first of 9 films about Peter Dunstan's life as a Royal Marine in WWII. It is an extraordinary account...

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