• Navy 8 videos

    Doug Joyce

    Doug Joyce served on the heavy cruiser, HMS London. In July 1942 the ship was providing distant cover to the PQ17 convoy...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Alex Owens

    Alex Owens provides a classic story of life at sea for a young man who wanted to do his bit. Like the...

  • Navy 9 videos

    Mervyn Salter

    Mervyn Salter gives a great account of his life at sea on HMS Saumerz. Operating in both the Arctic and the Pacific...

  • Navy 8 videos

    Albert Malin

    From loading LCTs on the build up to D Day, to being adrift in the Barents Sea on Convoy RA63, Albert Malin...

  • Navy 8 videos

    Stan Hoare

    Stan Hoare was one of a series of Veterans we interviewed when we visited the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust’s Care Home, Pembroke...

  • Navy 7 videos

    Alan Johnson.

    Alan Johnson provides league with an in-depth and often times, entertaining interview about his time in the Royal Navy.  He served on...

  • Navy 6 videos

    George Payne

    George Payne provides an interesting account of his time as an Aircraft handler onboard the converted banana boat, the Attacker-class escort aircraft...

  • Navy 3 videos

    Vic Walker

    Vic Walker joined the Royal Navy at the tender age of 17.  He served as an Boatswain’s Mate onboard the Admiralty V-class...

  • Navy 1 videos

    Ken Howes

    Ken Howes was in the Royal Navy with 519 Flotilla LCAs. He found transporting the Americans to Omaha Beach a traumatic experience.

  • Navy 5 videos

    Lewis Trinder

    Joining the Navy on his 18th birthday, Lewis Trinder experienced so much of the war, from navigating the swells of the Atlantic...

  • Navy 6 videos

    Eric Miles

    As a member of the Royal Navy, Eric’s work in clearing key coastal areas of mines was extremely dangerous, and important.

  • Navy 5 videos

    Ron Davies (1926)

    ROYAL NAVY WORKHORSE Ron Davies, 88, gives an account of his time as a Royal Navy able seaman on board HMS Southdown.

  • Navy 7 videos

    Doug Shelley

    Doug is a proud Chatham Rating who experiences the best and worst of the Port division. Drafted to the M-Class destroyer HMS...

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