Jim Selway

Jim Selway was a Captain in the Royal Tank Regiment. Born in 1928 he was an evacuee and then educated at Millhill School in North London and subsequently Sandhurst. He arrived in Korea in December 1952 and within 24 hours was in battle stations on the frontline. Recalled with emotion and humour, Jim provides some great anecdotes about his personal experiences.

Frank Ashleigh

In the Second World War, Frank Ashleigh was a glider pilot with A Squadron, The Glider Pilot Regiment.

Tim MacMahon

Tim MacMahon was the Flight Commander and pilot of a Lynx helicopter which was the ship’s flight on HMS Antelope. He served in the Falklands war and talks about the shock of being suddenly dispatched to the Falklands, and still thinking that diplomacy would win the day. Initially carrying out air drops and routine duties, it wasn’t long before the Antelope was bombed. and Tim was on a rescue mission.