PTE Intelligence Section HQ Coy 6th Bn KOSB, 15(S) Div. Subsequently tfr to Bde HQ. Describes reaction to first casualties. Reece patrols, confusion in the dark, moaning minis, towel shredded on his back. Hill113 (next to Hill 112) took pasting. Got lost found by cousin. And taken to CCS, tented hospital, evacuated on LCT. And in leg medical discharge & joined civil affairs unit in Control Commission Germany (CCG) Traumatic experiences live with you lifelong. Don’t think about comrades killed (eg Captain Ogilvie) heavy casualties (see Regt History by Hastings) Lost mates, cut off, smell of death, surrounded by death

Theodore Dalgleish

Thodore Dalgleish provides an interesting account of his time with the Scots Own Borders. In Normandy, he transferred to Intelligence.


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