Tp Ldr 5 RTR superb account of his experiences, sea sick, landed as part of 7th And Div, describes Cpl with nerve gone getting killed, tanks very poor, outclassed by German armour, describes ambush of 4th C of L Yeo at Villars Bocage. Later Maj Gen CB, CVO, MC (for Normandy). When you were not fighting it was quite pleasant. Had four tans shot from under him & a very close shave during Goodwood when a mortar fragment sent passed between his legs & killed his gunner. French attitude was along the lines “nice of you to invade us but wish you had invaded somewhere else!” 11th Armd Div had best reputation in Normandy - fresh & in Shermans. Armour-Infantry co-operation poor

Roy Dixon

Roy Dixon was nineteen when he joined the 5th Royal Tank Regiment, 7th Armoured Division as a Troop Leader. Unbelievably young...


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