101-year-old Ronald Sydney “Ron” Green provides an amazingly sharp account of joining the RAF on the second day of WW2 and his subsequent zig-zag journey across the world, which was synonymous with wartime chaos, confusion and sudden troop re-allocations. Lincolnshire Airfields, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Egypt and Wales were part of his journey in the Royal Air Force, where he served as Equipment Assistant, Flight Sergeant, Aircrew and Flight Engineer.  Ron flew on many different aircraft including the Lancaster Bomber.

Ron Green

Ron Green was interviewed by Anika Pilnei, a TV Producer who came across his story whilst working in documentaries. With a sharp eye for a story she realised that Ron was a character with a great memory for detail and his military service was a history that needed sharing. Thank you Anika for taking the time and care to interview him so well. It's much appreciated.


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