Philip Roberts provides a detailed and personal account of his role as Commander of the RFA Sir Galahad. On the 8th June 1982 the ship was attacked and set on fire killing 48 crew and soldiers. It was the single largest loss of life in the conflict and Philip was awarded a Distinguished Service Order [DSO] for his command.

Philip Roberts

This is from the Historical RFA website: From 21 May to 8 June 1982 during the Falklands War RFA Sir Galahad suffered attacks by enemy aircraft. Throughout this period, Captain Roberts took personal charge of the fighting and safety of his ship, and crew and embarked force passengers. On two occasions his ship suffered severe bomb damage and had to be abandoned. Captain Roberts organised and controlled each operation... Despite the confused and hazardous situation, Captain Roberts organised his crew and the embarked troops with considerable skill. Their safe and timely evacuation was to a large extent due to his personal qualities of leadership and courage in the face of great danger. He was appointed as a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order on 8 October 1982.


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