Nick Tobin was the commander of HMS Antelope during the Falklands war. He talks about her duties leading up to 23rd May 1982 when she came under attack. He vividly describes the attack itself, how it felt, the tough decision he had to make, and the ultimate loss of the ship and two lives. He concludes by talking about the difficult board of enquiry which he had to face on his return.

Nick Tobin

Nick Tobin joined the Royal Navy in 1962 first serving in the minesweeper HMS Glasserton after graduating from Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.  He then trained as a Fighter Controller and served in this capacity in the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious and the destroyer HMS Aisne from 1964 to 1968.  Next, having specialised in air warfare he served in the guided missile destroyer HMS London in 1970 and then ashore in HMS Dryad and the then Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment where he developed military data links in both national and NATO fora until 1974.  Consecutive commands of the patrol crafts (converted ‘Coastal’ minesweepers) HM Ships Beachampton and Wolverton in Hong Kong and its surrounding waters kept him busy until 1976 when he returned to the United Kingdom to undergo staff training before another sea appointment the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.  Promoted to Commander in 1978 he taught at the Royal Naval Staff College at Greenwich as a member of the Directing Staff. Nick assumed command of the frigate HMS Antelope in early 1981 and the bulk of his interview co certs this chapter of his life.


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