Harry Marrington was a Seaman and Gunner with the Royal Navy Patrol Service. He saw events unfold on Omaha beach.

Harry Marrington

Seaman Gunner Royal Navy Patrol Service (RNPS) known as “Harry Tate’s Navy” served on the trawler HMS OLVINA mine sweeping off Omaha Beach. Vivid description of landings & minesweeping operations. Had previously done Atlantic & arctic convoys. Impressed by secrecy of Overlord. You could have walked from the Needles to Cherbourg without getting your feet wet! Omaha was just plain slaughter. I saw 29 DD tanks go straight to the bottom. What frightened me more than anything were the rocket ships. You got used to it. You could sleep through anything - you just died. You more or less lived for the day. Later MMS 283 minesweeping.


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