Command Post Officer 25/26 Medium Battery, 7th Medium Regiment RA. HAd 5.5” guns landed 8 Jun Ver sur mer as part of 7 Armd Div. Describes run in shoot of 90 (City of London) Fd Regt. Got ashore, moved towards Bayeaux & Tilly. Describes Bty organisation & routine. Exciting / Action around Crepon. Counter battery fire, radios good by day poor by night. Became a bit casual. Brr Mellor first casualty buried Tilly. Mont Pincon supporting 43 (Wessex) Div. Fired 100 rounds per gun per day. Shells weighed 100lbs. Barrels wore out after three weeks. Soldiers not interested in the battle picture - they would have fought the French! Morale good. Served post war.


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