At the start of the Falklands War, Anthony Pitt was commanding RFA Sir Percivale, a Round Table class landing ship logistics (LSL) vessel. He provides a fascinating and detailed interview about his role and the ship's work on which he acquitted himself so well, that he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Anthony Pitt

This is from the website:   Throughout the Falklands Conflict, Captain Pitt displayed considerable leadership, cooperation, and courage in commanding a ship that was ever ready to perform a task. RFA Sir Percivale was called to duties far beyond that that would reasonably be expected of her, considering her very light armament and her regular role. During that time the ship came under repeated air attacks while at anchor by day in San Carlos Water and was the first Landing Ships Logistic to make the unescorted ammunition run to the exposed and possible, mined anchorage at Teal Inlet where she had to offload in daylight, initially without the benefit of an area air defence system. It was through Captain Pitt’s drive, energy, and cheerful enthusiasm that the ship performed all that was asked of her with efficiency and timeliness which were an example to all. Captain Pitt’s performance in the face of great danger and enemy action was in the highest traditions of the RFA Service. DSC Captain Pitt was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on 8 October 1982


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