D-Day 75

"The Battle of Normandy, 75 years on"

The project

In partnership with the now disbanded Normandy Veterans Association, Legasee recorded for the first time the stories of 100 Normandy Veterans to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy.
The films feature as part of a permanent exhibition at the D-Day Story museum in Portsmouth, and reflect the bravery and sacrifice of the people involved – those landing on the beaches as well as those supporting in the air and from back in the UK.   Local volunteers supported Legasee to reach out to veterans and make the project a huge success, and school children from King Richard School Portsmouth learnt new skills and gained a greater understanding of this oral history. In partnership with the Normandy Veterans Association, Legasee recorded for the first time the stories of 100 Normandy Veterans to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy.  
“The feeling was so horrible when you knew you were going to go into the attack, just so dreadful that I can’t even describe it to myself.” Tom Renouf, 51st Highland Division,
  Legasee is grateful for support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the ambition and dedication of George Batts (Normandy Veteran and NVA National Secretary), and Alastair Dutch MBE who expressed his delight with the project:
“The outstanding involvement of Legasee in the project has meant that we have reached targets we could never have aspired to without their help. We now have over 150 individual interviews recorded which form a unique record of D Day which will be available to future generations for them to fully appreciate the heroism and sacrifice made in the early summer of 1944 on the shores of Normandy.”

The exhibition

Legasee is proud to have worked with the fantastic D-Day Story Museum in Portsmouth.

On the 6th of June 2015, 71 years to the day since Operation Neptune, Legasee launched the results of the project at the D Day Story museum. This was the public's first opportunity to see and hear some of the amazing stories that had been recorded, and discover the learning resources available to UK schools. To date, thousands of people have been able to watch the videos and hear first-hand accounts bring the events to life.

"The D-Day Museum will benefit greatly from being able to use material from these recordings in our new displays (opening 2017), and they will also be an excellent resource for other future projects... The fact that they are available to anyone to view on Legasee’s website is of great public benefit, in helping to understand and remember the events of the 1944 Normandy campaign and the individuals involved.” Andrew Whitmarsh, Curator D-Day Museum Portsmouth

Now available to see as part of a permanent exhibition, you can plan your visit at


Learn about the Battle for Normandy from the men and women who were involved

A series of creative lesson packs have been developed as part of this project.

They provide students with an opportunity to learn about all stages of the Normandy campaign through the personal recollections of the men and women who were involved.

“The lesson plans will encourage the students to think about the individual experiences of the veterans, very often history can seem remote and hearing first-hand stories really brings it alive and get them thinking.”

Abigail Dedman, History teacher, King Richard School Portchester