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In the close quarters of the tank regiment, they felt an
affinity with the other men as they faced enemy fire

Current campaigns.

Legasee Educational Trust is currently developing a number of projects with regional partners throughout the UK. We are particualrly keen to speak with Korean Veterans who served during the war.

Additionally we are developing KS4 lesson plans for Humanities students. These will look at the changing role of women in the military and we are keen to speak with women who served in Operation Herrick. Do you know someone? Please email us.


Legasee have many Second World War Veterans waiting to be filmed. Each of them played an immense part in giving us the freedoms we now take for granted. To ensure their memories live on, we need your help.

“It is a sad fact that the veterans of WWII are now a rare breed. Legasee is to be congratulated because they have created a significant archive of interviews with these veterans in a unique personal style.”

Les Tanner - WW2 Connections

In giving to Legasee you can be assured that every penny goes towards the filming of Veterans [over 92% of our income] and that our work has been recognised as valuable and important by the Veterans themselves, their organisations and the students and teachers using our archive.

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