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On 6 June 1944, allied troops launched Operation Overlord, the largest invasion force of modern times, to free Western Europe from Nazi control.

“Normandy Veterans 70 years on” is a unique project which enabled Legasee to film the oral histories of 100 Normandy Veterans involved in Operation Overlord.  Funded by the Heritage Lottery the interviews are a freely-available, eye-witness resource for students, historians and military enthusiasts for generations to come.

The Veterans provide remarkable first-person accounts of this seminal moment of Britsih military history and are the basis for some unique learning.

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Learning - the future of remembrance

Normandy Landing lessons for school children

The project has enabled us to create a series of unique edcuational resources for schools which are based on the remarkable first-person testimonies we've recorded.

Over the course of five lesson plans we enable students to consider the preparation, execution and effect of the entire Normandy Campaign.

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    • Bill Ward

      Bill Ward
      Bren Gunner

    “It’s frightening to be on guard duty because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know if a German is going to pop up or two or three Germans are going to pop up. You’re there, what do you do? Very frightening.”

    • Tom Renouf

      Tom Renouf

    “I went over to see how they were and the MO [Medical Orderly] just says, 'well they're dying' and I stayed with them. ”

    • Fred Millward

      Fred Millward

    “I had a strange feeling it wasn’t me that was running, I was outside myself looking at somebody running and this was a very strange feeling”