Design a lasting

symbol of memorial for Korea

Create a symbol of remembrance.  


We ran a project to remember the Korean War which took place between 1950-53.  Commonly known as the ‘The Forgotten War’, it was in fact a conflict of huge consequence for Korea, the UK and the rest of the world. 100,000 British Servicemen and Women went to Korea and fought alongside troops from other UN countries. Over four million people, including a great many Korean civilians, lost their lives in the war.

To help people remember this sacrifice, Legasee wanted to create a symbol of remembrance. 

“It was forgotten, I think people were trying to get over the second world war and nobody cared much about it”

Bill Hurst, Korean War Veteran 


An exhibition was held at Tameside Local Studies and Archive Centre, Greater Manchester to tell people more about the war.  The entries were so strong that on the day, all the pupils were awarded a prize. 

Pupils were invited to:

  1. Find out more about The Korean War from people who were there! Watch interviews with Korean War Veterans

  2. Come up with a design which meets the judge’s requirements.

  3. Create your design.  You can use any medium (pencils, crayons, inks, paints, pens, collage or a digital design package like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop).  But your design must 2-d, and no bigger than A4.

  4. Turn your design into a jpeg image.  If you have created a work on paper you should scan the work and save it as a jpeg.  If you have created a work digitally you should make sure you have saved the file as a jpeg.  

  5. The file size should be at least 300 dpi so that we do not lose the detail of your design!

  6. Submit your design. 

  7. First ask permission from a parent or legal guardian -if you do not get permission we will not be able to consider your entry.


In the body of the email write your:

* Full name, your age on 28 April 2016 and your home town 

* Name and contact email address of parent/guardian OR

* School name, address, email address, telephone number and teacher’s name (if entering as a school) 

* Attach your design to the email as a jpeg. Save a copy at home.

* Email your entry to:

* For more information please see our Rules of Entry

What were the judges looking for? 

Symbols are pictures which communicate meaning. The shapes, colours and images used in a symbol remind us of something.  For example. The poppy symbol which we use to remember those who died in all wars was chosen because poppies grew on the battlefields of the First World War.



A simple design is sometimes the most powerful.

Choose shapes, colours and images which remind us of The Korean War.

Try to make your design unique and memorable.

Think about the colours you will use and what meaning they might convey.

If you choose to include words, make sure you keep them short and snappy!