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Legasee have been working with a number of schools in the North West to develop creative learning for Key Stage 4 pupils.

There is a strong focus on the personal experiences of the Veterans and the use of Oral History as a resource. In addition we have worked with the Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council to create a dedicated Arts Award.

About this project

Between 1950 and 1953, 63,000 British troops were sent to fight in Korea. It is described as The Forgotten War


In 1950 the communist People’s Republic of North Korea had made advances into South Korea. The USA who were supporting the South Koreans, called on their United Nation allies including Britain to help them resist North Korean aggression.

‘Korea- The Forgotten War’ has captured the stories of 50 servicemen and women who fought in the Korean War between 1950-53. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery and was based in the North West of England.

Current Projects


Legasee is looking for military musicians for a new project.


If you know someone, we'd love to hear from you. Many thanks,


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    • Brian Hough

      Brian Hough

    “We could actually see literally hundreds of Chinese coming up the hill and our Company Commander did a very brave thing. He ordered artillery fire down...”

    • George Barnes

      George Barnes

    “There were no adults anywhere. Everybody between sixteen and seventy had gone to war because they mobilised the whole population...”

    • Rex Sheppard

      Rex Sheppard

    “we experienced 35 below because the winds were straight from Siberia... you could not take your clothes off because you'd never get them back on”