One Hundred Jumping Beans

One Hundred jumping Beans is a collection of illustrated children's stories supporting military families living with PTSD, injury and upheaval.  

The Teaching Resource

Working with Le Cateau school in Catterick,  we created some KS1 learning sessions to accompany the book which help young pupils understand the lives of their military friends.

Ollie’s dad is in the Army, Ruby’s mum is in the RAF, and Sam’s dad is in the Navy. Find out how their lives are changing and discover that when some things are different, lots of things are still the same…

Legasee is enormously grateful to the mums, dads and children within Help For Heroes’ Band of Sisters who have shared their stories of adversity and inspiration in the hope that these will help other families in similar situations.

Thanks also to all the people who play The National Lottery. 


Lesson plans included in this resource

Three KS1 classroom sessions

One Hundred Jumping Beans

Use the three sessions in this activity booklet to help teach your young pupils what it can be like to be the son or daughter in a military family.