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In 1948 a huge humanitarian airlift of coal, food and other essential items was carried out by US and British forces into Berlin following the Russian Blockade that started the Cold War.  

The Americans documented their involvement in considerable detail but very little is known of the contribution made by British forces and the role played by East Anglia and its airfields.


With funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and working with the British Berlin Airlift Association, the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum and Bungay High School, Legasee set out to record 50 stories of men and women who were involved in this incredible operation.

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Lesson plans

Humanitarian Aid or an Act of War?

Central to the success of the project has been the creation of a series of learning activities for Key Stage 4 students studying the Cold War.


Complemented by surprising facts and utilising eye-witness accounts and creative discussion points, this series of 5 activity sheets challenges students to consider the cause, effect and outcome of this seminal moment of British Military history.

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With over 50 Airlift Veterans talking about a wide variety of personal experiences, now is the perfect time to become a member of our charity.

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    • Bill Campbell

      Bill Campbell
      Black Watch Load Master

    “we were told in no uncertain terms that we either had to do the loading of the plane perfectly or we were in trouble... and the charge if you were in trouble would be manslaughter ”

    • Fred Danckwardt

      Fred Danckwardt
      Squadron Leader

    “and more tanks came till there were you know several dozen tanks on this bit of rising ground overlooking the airfield.... and then a few days later all hell broke loose. It was the setting for a Russian film”