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Our commitment is that future generations can learn about our military history through the personal recollections of the men and women who witnessed it first hand

There is history in all mens lives

– William Shakespeare

Who are we

About Legasee

Legasee is a team of volunteer film makers, writers, designers and storytellers who are passionate about capturing our military heritage in an increasingly fast-moving consumer society. We provide students, teachers and researchers with unique access to a hi-definition video archive of interviews with Veterans of military conflict from 1939 to the present day.

We now have the largest, freely available film archive of British military Veterans on the web and our ambition is to record many more interviews so that the legacy of bravery and sacrifice of these men and women can be learned from by future generations.

Many of our veterans have provided personal photographs which you can find on their personal pages. Furthermore, almost all of our veteran interviews have been transcribed.

Our search function helps you to find the people, places and events that interest you but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

The WRAC, they were ladies…they were promising a career

– Roxanne Gooding – Acting Corporal

Journey To The Frontline: Trailblazing Women of the British Army

Legasee is thrilled to announce that thanks to players of the Heritage Lottery, we have received funding  for a new project that will enable us to meet and interview 30 women of the Women’s Royal Army Corps.

Over the 41 years of its existence from 1949 to 1992, many thousands of women served in the WRAC both at home and in trouble spots abroad, and yet despite 59 members being killed in service, many women still don’t see themselves as veterans. 

Funded by a grant of £88,474 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we will help to redress that understanding and educate both volunteers and the general public about this chapter of modern British military history. We’re working with the Women’s Royal Army Corps Association, the Adjutant General Corps museum in Winchester and school children who will have the opportunity to create podcasts with the oral testimonies.

Do you know someone who served in the WRAC? If so we would love to speak to them.

Fireworks fizzing, Wheelchairs whizzing, Bunnies bouncing

– There are lots of new things happening for Ollie, Ruby and Sam.

One Hundred Jumping Beans

A collection of children’s stories supporting military families living with PTSD, injury and upheaval

When we were developing our Band of Sisters project, we learned from the Catterick library service how few books they had to support children who are living with parents physically or emotionally changed from their service careers, or who were moving schools and leaving friends because of military postings. We decided to fill this gap by producing a series of stories for younger children which directly tackle these subjects.

Working with Le Catteau Primary School,  author Paula Rogers and Illustrator Geraldine Sierra we ran workshops to devise plot and characters, directly addressing the needs of young children and involving them closely in the development of the books.

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Research paper

The Progression of the Understanding of UK Military Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from WW1 to the Present Day, and The Role of Family in Veteran Mental Health Care

Whilst much has been studied and written about the direct impact on serving and veteran military personnel, the stories of the families of those living with PTSD offer a new angle from which to observe the wider picture. Their suffering is acute – they fight the on-going battles their partners, children and parents fight, but their perspective is unique. Sometimes a fly on the wall, sometimes at the centre of the storm, the families are able to note aspects which escape clinicians, researchers and the veterans themselves.

Interviews with The Band of Sisters subjects gave new insight into the impact of military service on the families and communities of veterans. It is hoped that by adding the voices of these family members to the body of research in this area, lessons might be learned about how best to support military veterans and their families into the future.

The highest result of education is tolerance

– Helen Keller


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Legasee Educational Trust became a charity on January 10th, 2012. Our registered number is 1145354.